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Invite: CAIR-GA To Host Three "Staying Safe During Ramadan" Trainings the Weekend of May 19th, iA

NezarPromo(ATLANTA, GA - 5/8/2017) The Georgia chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations today announced that it plans to host three "Staying Safe During Ramadan" security trainings at three different mosques over the weekend of May 19th.

Special guest Nezar Hamza, a sworn law enforcment officer who serves as deputy director of CAIR Florida, plans to educate attendees about how to stay as safe as possible amid a wave of anti-Muslim hate speech and hate crimes.

Topics include active shooter response scenarios, mosque security, and safety tips for men, women and students.

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CAIR-GA Co-Sponsors Atlanta Event Featuring Activist & Journalist Amy Goodman

amy(ATLANTA, GA - 5/4/2017) The Georgia chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations today co-sponsored an event featuring remarks from investigative journalist, author and co-host of Democray Now!, Amy Goodman. Hosted by the local radio station WRFG 89.3, the event was held at Iconium Baptist Church.

"We thank Amy Goodman for visiting Atlanta and sharing her perspective on the pressing issues of our time, including the dangers posed by the Dakota Access Pipeline," said Asma Elhuni, outreach director for CAIR-GA. "Ms. Goodman's bold activisim has served as an inspiration to various communities across the country, including American Muslims."

In 1996, Goodman co-founded “Democracy Now! The War and Peace Report” at radio station WBAI in NYC. Twenty-one years later, it is broadcast on 1408 stations around the world as well as on television and the internet.

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CAIR Georgia Visits Capitol Hill for the 3rd Annual National Muslim Advocacy Day, Meeting Rep. John Lewis & Other Congressional Offices


(WASHINGTON, DC, 5/4/17) – The Georgia chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations visited Capitol Hill this week to participate in the third annual National Muslim Advocacy Day. During the two-day event, CAIR Georgia leaders joined over 400 American Muslims to promote greater political engagement, forge stronger ties with members of Congress, and express support for important legislation.

“We thank our congressional representatives for taking the time to learn about issues of importance to the Georgia Muslim community, including an end to religious and racial profiling, protecting DACA recipients, and permanently ending the Trump Administration’s limits on Muslim immigration,” said CAIR-GA executive director Edward Ahmed Mitchell.

“The massive turnout for this year’s National Muslim Advocacy Day was especially inspiring and reassuring in light of the ongoing increase in anti-Muslim hate crimes,” said Ruwa Romman, communications director for CAIR Georgia. “Such bigotry has motivated Georgia Muslims to become even more involved in the political process.”

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