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Invite: Georgia's Muslim Community To Counter Anti-Muslim Hate Rally With An Interfaith Food Drive

1food5.jpg(6/5/17 - ATLANTA, GA) The Georgia chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations today announced that it plans to co-host an interfaith gathering and food drive, on Satuday, June 10th at 11 am. The community service event, "No To Extremism & Bigotry. Yes to Service & Unity," comes in the wake of hate crimes here at home, terrorist attacks overseas, and "anti-Sharia" hate rallies planned for 23 cities on June 10th, including Atlanta.

In a statement, CAIR Georgia Executive Director Edward Ahmed Mitchell said:

"As if the recent wave of hate crimes and terrorist attacks were not bad enough, an anti-Muslim hate group plans to hold "anti-Sharia" protests across the nation on Saturday, June 10th, including here in Atlanta. How should Georgia Muslims react?

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CAIR Georgia Calls for President Trump To Pursue Bold Action, Not Belated Tweets, After Islamophobic Attack in Portland

TrumpTweet.jpg(ATLANTA, GA - 5/29/17) The Georgia chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations today released the following statement in response to a comment from President Trump's official Twitter account labeling the Portland hate crime attack "unacceptable."
"Although we welcome President Trump's decision to finally comment on an Islamophobic hate crime, a belated tweet sent by his staff is not enough. He must take bold action. He must honor the heroes who died confronting anti-Muslim bigotry in Portland by confronting anti-Muslim bigotry across our nation.
As a start, President Trump should fire Steve Bannon, Sebastian Gorka and other anti-Muslim extremists working in the White House. He should withdraw the second Muslim Ban, which has tarnished our nation's reputation for religious freedom. He should work to end racial and religious profiling, particularly in our airports. He should apologize for his own anti-Muslim remarks, including "Islam hates us."

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Video: CNN Interviews CAIR Georgia Exec. Director After Portland Hate Crime

Screen shot 2017-05-29 at 1.23.30 PM.png(ATLANTA, GA - 5/28/17) The Georgia chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations today appeared on CNN International to discuss how Georgia Muslims are reacting to an Islamophobic hate crime in Portland, Oregon.

Last week, an anti-Muslim bigot harassed two Muslim teenagers on a public train, and then stabbed three men who intervened to stop him. Two died.

American Muslims have already raised over $200,000 for the families of the victims, mA. Donate here.

Video: CAIR-GA on CNN International, 5/28/17 

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Contact Us: CAIR Georgia Offering More Self-Defense Seminars After Successful Pre-Ramadan Trainings


(ATLANTA, GA - 5/20/2017) The Georgia chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations hosted three back-to-back "Staying Safe During Ramadan" self-defense seminars at three different mosques over the weekend of May 19th. 

Special guest Nezar Hamza, a sworn law enforcment officer who serves as deputy director of CAIR Florida, educated attendees about how to stay as safe as possible amid a wave of anti-Muslim hate speech and hate crimes.

Topics included active shooter response scenarios, mosque security, and safety tips for men, women and children. Participants also received free bottles of pepper spray after learning how to use them.

"We encourage other Georgia Muslims to request these safety and security trainings," said Edward Ahmed Mitchell, executive director of CAIR Georgia. "God willing, these trainings will teach us how to protect ourselves, our families and our houses of worship during the holy month of Ramadan and beyond."

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CAIR Georgia Joins Organizations Calling for an Investigation into Recent ICE Detainee Deaths

AsmaImm.jpg(ATLANTA, GA 5/19/2017) -- The Georgia chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR Georgia) today joined calls for the closure of Stewart Detention Center and a thorough investigation of detainee conditions after the suicide of 27-year-old Jean Jimenez-Joseph and the death of 58 year old Atulkumar Babubhai Pate 

“When I visited detainees at Stewart Detention Center, the inmates told me they were very depressed, “ said Asma Elhuni, CAIR Georgia’s Community Outreach Director, who has visited Stewart Detention Center several times. "I heard from some detainees who have said some guards called them terrorists."                                  

SEE: Immigrant Detainee Dies in ICE Custody         
The detainees' deaths mark the 8th and 9th of such incidents in 2017. Community activists have been calling on elected officials to investigate the conditions in these detention centers as ICE increases its raids on communities.

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